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There are a wide variety of tanker trailers based on the materials that need transporting.

Fuel and petroleum tanker trailers carry gas, fuel oil and propane. Food grade tanker trailers can carry water, milk and juice. Some tanker trailers are equipped with heating and cooling systems that protect the contents being transported. Chemical and acid tanker trailers are effective in transporting chemicals.

Tanker trailers are commonly made of aluminum as opposed to steel in order to prevent sparking in the event that a tanker trailer rolls over. Aluminum also weighs less and can transport a heavier load.

Tanker trailers come in different configurations to accommodate the load being transported. Some tanker trailers are semis, which is a tractor and one trailer, and a double, which is comprised of a tractor and two trailers. Most tanker trailers come with landing legs to make loading and unloaded an easier and safer process.

Transcourt can lease a  tanker  click link for the a list of available models:


Tanker Trailer Sample

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