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Transcourt has been providing leasing and long term rental solutions demanded by the liquid and dry bulk tanker industry for 20 years. We offer a large growing fleet of over 600 high quality tankers in various configurations including new and used Propane Tank Trailers.

We provide both operating leases and lease to own options. Our unique, customized and flexible approach to leasing allows us to support you in meeting your specific business requirements anywhere in North America.

Transcourt deals with all major tank trailer manufacturers and therefore can provide the competitive lease or purchase solutions to meet your needs. We use our expertise, extensive network and our buying power to facilitate the acquisition and financing of your new tankers. We can also assist in the sale and trade of your existing equipment and provide interim trailers to bridge any gap in your delivery schedule.

Facts: Depending on your decision, our trailer weights and balances are customized to fit your fleet of tractors. Consistent weights between the axle and trailer give you access to maximum load potential.

▪ Customized trailer weights and balances to fit your fleet of tractors
▪ Service facilities across North America
▪ A-train, B-train and C-train configurations available

Propane tanker – 2013 Westmor compressed gas tank, tanker-trailer

Propane Tanker Trailer, 2015 Westmor T1 TANDEM 1 Cmpt MC-331

Transcourt offers Propane Tanker Trailers for Canada and the US.

  • Largest product offerings in the market:
  • Tandem, Tridem, Quad-axle, A&B Train configurations to optimize payload
  • MC 331 10,600, 11,500, 18,000, 20,000
  • Multiple sizes and axle configurations available to maximize payload
  • A wide variety of piping and pumping options available

Our pick-up and drop-off locations:


GBM Trailer Service Ltd.
9300 Endeavor Dr. SE
Calgary, AB  T3S 0A1


Tremcar West.
1750  Aurum Road
Edmonton, AB  T6S  0A4

G & D Tank and Trailer
55 Steeles Ave. East
Milton, ON  L9T 1X9


Montreal Tank Wash
7887 Rue Grenache #103,
Anjou, QC H1J 1C4

Larca Enviro
31 Cooke Drive,
Moncton, NB, E1E 0J1



7600 E. Sam Houston Pwy. N
Houston, TX 77049

4700 New West Drive
Pasadena, TX77507


2700 – 175th Street
Lansing, Illinois, 60438

Coming Soon: New Orleans!



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