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Month: January 2018

Tesla Storms The Trucking Industry Revealing Battery-Powered Truck

Tesla is setting out on another quest: to remake the multi-billion-dollar trucking industry.

Tesla unveiled a prototype for a battery-powered, nearly self-driving semi-truck that the company said would prove more efficient and less costly to operate than the diesel trucks that now haul goods across the country. And of course, it will emit no exhaust.

Mr. Musk claimed it would have a single-change range of 500 miles, greater than many analysts had expected and enough to serve on many typical trucking routes.
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Will there be a new generation of truck drivers?

According to industry experts, a crisis is looming in the transportation industry and at the center of it all is a shortage of drivers.

New Generation of Drivers

“[American Trucking Associations] were estimating up to 80,000 by 2020”, said Lane Jacobson, president of the Southern Alberta Truck Exposition Association. “Now they’ve corrected that number and they’re saying shortages of over 200,000 drivers in North America by 2020.”

The Canadian Trucking Alliance says in Canada, the labour shortage could reach 48,000 by 2024. It’s a reality many don’t want to face.
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Nine ways to simplify truck fleet management – Work smarter, not harder

There are plenty of fleet management solutions out there, but how many are actually suitable for fleets running heavy-duty trucks? The good news is that truck fleet management is now easier thanks to advancements in technology.

Here are nine ways Telogis truck fleet management software can help you to run a more profitable and productive fleet:

  1. Paperless compliance: HOS logbooks and DVIRs to improve reporting, maximize uptime and reduce admin costs

Many drivers struggle to keep up with the paperwork- and human error plays a factor in Form and Manner errors in logbooks.
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