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3 Ways to Manage Stress on Long Drives

3 Ways to Manage Stress on Long Drives

Though some truckers wouldn’t admit it, transporting freight long distances can be very stressful. Demanding dispatchers, demanding receivers, and a plethora of timelines and conditions to adhere to is a recipe for stress. This can be accelerated if the driver is dealing with personal issues, or if they’re encountering some erratic traffic on the way to their destination.

Managing stress is key for having a more fulfilling work-life, and for maintaining a better level of health. Here are a few strategies drivers can use to handle things when the pressure gets a little excessive.

  1. Step away from the stressful environment, even only temporarily, can work wonders for your psyche. Sometimes you don’t always have the luxury of parking your truck and getting out to walk around for a few minutes. But when the opportunity presents itself, it’s a wise idea to consider.
  2. Use a stress ball or even a fidget-spinner, the modern replacement, can be helpful to take your mind off the demands of the road when you are able to find a stationary moment.
  3. Occupy your mind with other things once you have gotten a break. Reading, talking with others, and even playing various app games can all be great ways to keep the brain active while taking the focus off the stresses of the road.

Stress is something every trucker has to deal with, and it can greatly affect their trip. Knowing how to manage it is vital for a long and healthy career.


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