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How will marijuana legalization impact your insurance?

How will marijuana legalization impact your insurance?

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. – Lynne Cook discussed the legalization of marijuana will have significant impacts on the insurance and transportation industry they have to extend coverage offerings and anticipate the risks involved in dealing with impairment claims.

Currently, the government of Canada proposed that come July 1, marijuana users could grow up to four marijuana plants in their own home. Cook said that because of legalization, gone will be the days where insurance won’t cover your home if you have grow operations.

As far as transportation goes, Cook says that Northbridge still believes impaired is impaired and trusts the statistics that show marijuana causes a slowed reaction time, blurred vision, and drowsiness, all risk factors while operating a vehicle.

Currently, Canada has not outlined a minimum impairment limit on the amount of THC one can consume, though it is expected to follow the baseline rolled out by states which have legalized marijuana for recreational use. Currently, Montana, Colorado, and Washington all have a limit of 5 nanograms per microliter of blood for personal vehicles. The U.S. DOT, however, has banned the use of marijuana by commercial drivers.

“And that’s not a bad standard to go by,” Cook said stating she thinks the same rule could be applied to Canadian truck drivers. “The DOT is taking a zero tolerance, because regardless of the level of impairment, what they are recognizing is the risky behavior that comes along with this. It’s their stance if drugs are being used, they will end up in the workplace.”


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