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Volvo introduces remote programming solution for engines

Volvo introduces remote programming solution for engines

Volvo Trucks North America announced an expansion of its remote diagnostics platform. The programming solution allows powertrain software and vehicle parameter updates across North America wherever a cellular network is available.

The new system will be available later this summer for all Volvo trucks equipped with the Volvo-powered 2017 GHC-compliant engines.

Volvo Trucks project manager Ash Makki says up to 75 percent of software updates are neglected industry-wide. This is because of the time it takes to schedule updates, take trucks in for service, which takes on average anywhere from 2 to 3 days.

This new software update will allow for engine software to update during a driver’s scheduled rest period.

A fleet manager will be notified that the software is updated and prompted to authorize a download. When the truck is parked in a safe location, the driver will be instructed to leave the ignition on and initiate an update. Once it is completed, the driver will be notified.

Remote Programming will be available later this year on all Volvo trucks operating 2017-compliant Volvo engines.Image courtesy of


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