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Tech-based maintenance tools developed and announced at TMC

Tech-based maintenance tools developed and announced at TMC

The trucking industry has always stressed an importance on technology and innovation. At a press conference at the 2017 Technology and Maintenance Council’s (TMC) meeting in Nashville, Cummins announced new tech features in an effort to optimize maintenance procedures.

OilGuard is now available; it’s an analysis program that is offered free of charge to customers that sign up and receive oil sample kits to send to the Cummins’ lab for analysis.

The analysis makes recommendations on oil drain intervals. As such, the analysis can lead to cost savings while identifying the true number of oil changes a truck needs.

Connected Software Updates were also announced, which allows over-the-air programming of X15 engines to enhance performance. Eliminating the need to schedule shop visits saves on labor costs, but also prevents trucks from being out of commission.

The Cummins Guidanz app, available this April, provides engine fault code information and other key diagnostic data on iOS and Android mobile devices.


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