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ATA presents new rules for transporting food in 2017

ATA presents new rules for transporting food in 2017

The US’s 2011 Sanitary Transportation of Human And Animal Food guidelines will kick in later this year. They will have a direct impact on trucking companies transporting food across the country.

The changes were announced at the American Trucking Association’s (ATA) Omnitracks Outlook 2017.

Concerns over the policies include the matter of food temperature. The ATA stressed to the government there are two types of temperature control – safety and for quality.

Food temperature has a direct effect on the public’s health. Food contaminated by an improper temperature can cause severe illness or death.

The 2011 rule has been amended; requirements for recording temperatures will be left to a shipper’s discretion and if there is an issue with a shipment, an expert will inspect the food being transported.

Keeping the trailer that is transporting food sanitary is another important component of the rule. Vehicle and transportation equipment used to move food must be cleaned and sanitized.

Only small businesses with less than $500,000 in annual revenue, food transshipped through the US and food located in a facility regulated by the USDA is exempt from the new rules.

Sean Garney, director of safety policy for the American Trucking Associations.







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