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Month: January 2017

Expect an increase in Class 8 Truck Orders

Class 8 truck net orders are projected to significantly increase in 2017.

FTR had forecasted an increase in December of 2016, seeing a 10% gain over November.

Class 8 backlogs are expected to increase, giving the market momentum in the first few months of the new year.

Despite this, order activity was considered 24% below for December, according to industry research.

The expected freight demand will keep the market active for the next few months, though.

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Oil prices to remain under $60 for first six months of 2017

Goldman Sachs has announced oil prices will rise to under $60 US in the first half of the year thanks to reduced supply that would move the market into a deficit and draw down current large oversupply.

Brent prices will also peak at $59 US per barrel over the next six months with implemented cuts that will push the oil market into a deficit.

The deficit, according to Goldman Sachs, will move the market into backwardation by the summer season.

Brent prices are seen peaking at US$59 per barrel in the first half with the cuts implemented. The cuts would also push the oil market to a deficit in the first quarter, Goldman says, expressing a more optimistic view on the drawdown of oversupply than OPEC, which expects the market to rebalance in the second half, than the International Energy Agency (IEA) which sees the cuts likely moving the market into deficit in the first half by an estimated 600,000 bpd.

In Goldman’s view, the deficit in the first quarter would move the market into backwardation by the summer.



Petroleum is the largest commodity hauled across the nation

The National Tank truck Carriers (NTTC) conducted an analysis that revealed important pieces of information pertaining to the tank truck industry – specifically – what types of freight are typically moved by tank trucks.


In 2013, the largest commodity group for all tank truck freight was petroleum products – gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel. Almost half of the use of tank trucks in the nation was to haul this material.

This analysis helps the industry as a whole make better decisions in terms of hauling. Petroleum products require specific handling when loading and unloading. As a result, this analysis teaches us that drivers should be specially trained to move dangerous goods on the road.

This also means businesses must examine their current fleet and determine if their current trucks are able to withstand transporting such materials. Furthermore, suppliers should have efficient carriers that can transport petroleum products.

Is your team and organization able to handle the specialized work?


What the 2017-year has in store for the trucking industry with President-elect Trump’s proposed policies

Economic and federal policy efforts change on a regular basis, giving us insight into what might happen in the U.S. freight market, and this year is no different.

Cancelling regulations and adoption of new strategies can have a significant impact on meeting customer demands.

Acording to Chris Spear, president and CEO of the American Trucking Association (ATA) trade group, tax reform and infrastructure is on the horizon. It begins with a 10-year, $1 trillion infrastructure proposal put forth by President-elect Trump. With over 76% of NAFTA surface trade being carried by trucks, the new proposal could have an impact on trade.

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Regulations are a necessary part of the industry, but Spear stresses the importance of clear, good regulations that do not cause a burden, but a measurable return.

Trump’s new administration will largely affect the U.S. commercial vehicle industry, but global market participants are key players as well.

Reported lower corporate tax cuts could be seen as a benefit to the U.S. trucking industry, but could be burdening for global truck manufacturers and suppliers.

Continue to visit our website for important updates on the political trends and policies pertaining to the trucking industry.

Source:  Sean Kilcarr blog Trucks at Work

Transcourt continues to reinforce its presence in Québec and the Martimes with the appointment of a new Director of Business Development

Toronto, January 13th, 2017 – The development and expansion of the Québec market for Transcourt was first supported by the establishment of a new office in Montreal’s Anjou borough one and a half year ago and today, Transcourt is pleased to announce the appointment of Julie Thibaudeau as the new Director for Business Development, exclusively for the Quebec and Maritimes’ markets.

Julie Thibaudeau has spent most of her career in the Logistics and Transportation Industries.

Prior to joining Transcourt she held the position of Business Development Director with a major North American bulk carrier.

Julie who will be based in our office in Anjou, will enable us to cater and better serve our Francophone clientèle and answer the needs of the Québec and Maritimes’ markets whether on a short, medium or long term basis”, explained Bruce Daccord, President of Transcourt Tank Leasing. “With our vast fleet that includes a large variety of tank trailers we are certainly well equipped to deliver flexible and customized service to our customers in Quebec and the Maritimes as we do elsewhere in Canada and the USA.

“Transcourt is certainly more than a conventional trailer rental company as we offer business solutions including operational and financial aspects to suit the specific needs of each client, no matter how big or how small the project is. Our main goal is to provide a wide variety of equipment in North America and become the supplier of choice when carriers and bulk shippers are looking for a tanker to add to their operations”, continued Bruce Daccord.

About Transcourt

Transcourt Tank Leasing was founded in 1997, specifically to meet the leasing and long-term rental needs of the liquid and dry bulk transport industry. Transcourt’s large fleet of tankers is available to customers across Canada. A wide selection of tank trailer configurations is available to a variety of unique industry segments and includes stainless and aluminum tankers, propane btrains and tridems, crude oil and condensate tankers as well as dry bulk trailers.

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