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New safety regulations will fight driver fatigue & save lives

New safety regulations will fight driver fatigue & save lives

Truck and bus drivers are often forced to fight fatigue during long trips, but after years of studying, the federal government will implement new safety regulations within the next two years.

These regulations are aligned with U.S. efforts to help drivers fight fatigue and be more alert on the road.

Transport Canada has announced drivers will electronically submit their hours on the road as opposed to mandatory paper logs that have been in effect since the 1930s.

The device will track hours on the road and rest periods, better allowing companies to manage their fleet. Trucker and drivers can be behind the wheel for up to 13 hours in one day, but must be off-duty for 10 hours. The electronic system will help track these hours, allowing truckers to get the break they need and fight fatigue that can cause accidents.

The change aligns with efforts in the U.S. and will be in place by late 2017, according to Transport Canada.

Motor Coach Canada CEO indicated this is a long overdue change, saying this has been talked about for over 10 years.

The electronic devices will save $1 billion US annually in administrative costs, while saving lives and preventing injuries.

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Source: The Canadian Press, 2016

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