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Truck driver shortage not slowing down

Truck driver shortage not slowing down

It’s not a surprise that both small and big trucking companies are experience a shortage of truck drivers, but other trends are causing increased challenges.

As older drivers retire, it not only causes a shortage in drivers in general, but a shortage in experienced drivers. Younger drivers don’t bring the same experience to the industry.

Driver shortage and older drivers age

Driver shortage and older drivers age

Driving plays an important role, as a driver is required to interact with customers and collect important information. Account maintenance is part of the job itself.

Company-owned trucking operations may lease semi-tractors and purchase trailers, but when a company has its own tractors, there is a guaranteed quality of service.

The American Trucking Association estimated a shortage of 35,000 to 40,000 drivers. The shortage, along with the cost per mile and hour, will have a negative impact on companies.

Despite the challenges, technology can make a difference. Tests are underway for cars and trucks to operate without drivers, but the new technology data must be analyzed before such mechanics are built.

Pallet Enterprises, August 1 2016, Tim Cox

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