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Month: August 2016

Downward pressure on freight rates to continue, according to poll

Trucks can expect a downward pressure on rates over the next six to nine months, a transportation analyst has revealed.

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A poll of participants at FTR’s State of Freight webinar

That doesn’t mean shippers should stop pursuing cost reductions. Freight growth has seen little growth for over a year, following three years of being flat from recovery.

However, with the retail marketing on the rise, it’s a very positive sign for the industry.

Fleet Owner, Kevin Jones, July 15, 2016

Truck driver shortage not slowing down

It’s not a surprise that both small and big trucking companies are experience a shortage of truck drivers, but other trends are causing increased challenges.

As older drivers retire, it not only causes a shortage in drivers in general, but a shortage in experienced drivers. Younger drivers don’t bring the same experience to the industry.

Driver shortage and older drivers age

Driver shortage and older drivers age

Driving plays an important role, as a driver is required to interact with customers and collect important information. Account maintenance is part of the job itself.

Company-owned trucking operations may lease semi-tractors and purchase trailers, but when a company has its own tractors, there is a guaranteed quality of service.

The American Trucking Association estimated a shortage of 35,000 to 40,000 drivers. The shortage, along with the cost per mile and hour, will have a negative impact on companies.

Despite the challenges, technology can make a difference. Tests are underway for cars and trucks to operate without drivers, but the new technology data must be analyzed before such mechanics are built.

Pallet Enterprises, August 1 2016, Tim Cox

Second consecutive year the US trucking industry hauled over $700B

Last year marked the second year that the trucking industry in the U.S. has hauled above the record of $700 billion in freight. Last year, the record was $726.4 billion, according to American Truck Trends.



It’s an all-time record for the industry and indicates that 2015 was a good year. Trucking collected $726.4 billion in gross freight revenues, 81.5% of the nation’s freight bill last year.

In 2015, trucks carried over 10 billion tons of freight, and there were 3.63 million Class 8 trucks in operation.

Will the industry top the record for a third year? Stay tuned.

Truck News, July 2016, American Trucking Associations (ATA)

What’s trending in the trucking industry, second half of 2016

The year hasn’t come to an end yet, and the industry has seen some trends over the last several months that have had an impact on the industry. Here’s a roundup of what you need to know:

Truck Tanker

Equipment manufacturers and auto part suppliers are working together. While at one point, manufacturers and suppliers would not share information on shipment space, some companies are working together to share space in trucks. Some are reluctant to share trucking space and shipments, but companies are resorting to using available room on trucks outside of the automotive sector to maximize space.

Sharing maximizes productivity and cost. If the trend continues, carriers may benefit from added cost savings.

Efficiency requires flexibility. Carriers must focus their attention on investing in the right assets for the job, not focusing on what competitors are doing. That’s why carriers are working more diligently to keep customers satisfied by listening to what they need as opposed to following what other companies are doing.

Cost remains a concern.  What hasn’t changed is the cost concern among shippers. Carriers and shippers understand that fuel, driver expenses and shortages are a problem, and are more conscious as a result.

Increased costs are on the way. Regulation in the industry, including local and federal mandates, could drive costs up for truckers and shippers.

Partnerships are crucial. The carriers that have earned recognition in the industry can have a significant impact on many companies. Choosing the right carrier will maximize efficiency. Making an informed decision on choosing a carrier is important as a result.

Inbound logistics, Keith Bondo, 2016

Good Transcourt times at Stampede 2016 under the rain!

On Monday, July 11 2016, Transcourt Tank Leasing was at the world famous Calgary Stampede in Alberta. The North American leader in tank trailer solutions invited their customers from Western Canada and the USA to join its management team to watch the Chuckwagon races, as well as the outdoor live show.

These events help build solid relationships with clients through discussions and friendly exchanges and this was very evident this year in Calgary. Though it rained and poured throughout the evening, so much so that Transcourt had to supply its guests with ponchos, customers still had a great time and most stayed until the end of the night. This year’s mostly wet Calgary event was still a success Transcourt-wise. It’s no wonder the company’s list of loyal customers just keeps on growing!

ALTOM’s Tom Warren with Steve Lewis, of Kleen Performance and Transcourt’s Robert Pahanich

ALTOM’s Tom Warren with Steve Lewis, of Kleen Performance and Transcourt’s Robert Pahani


Bob Hanciik, of BAMSS Contracting and Wilma Campbell.

Bob Hanciik, of BAMSS Contracting and Wilma Campbell.


Bruce Daccord, of Transcourt and Allison and Ben Rouillard, of Bess Tank Lines with Miranda.

Bruce Daccord, of Transcourt and Allison and Ben Rouillard, of Bess Tank Lines with Miranda.


John Campbell, of Transcourt with Bob Hancik, of BAMSS Contracting.

John Campbell, of Transcourt with Bob Hancik, of BAMSS Contracting.


Transcourt’s team with their guests.

Transcourt’s team with their guests.