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Month: April 2016

Survive a slumping economy through diversification

The effect of a lagging economy can also effect companies that may not be players in the oil industry, but who have been involved in this industry through their own activities. One such company is Transcourt Tank Leasing, the Canadian leader in leasing and long-term rental of liquid and dry bulk tank trailers, that benefitted from the oil industry boom to feed its own growth for years. Rather than being knocked out by the ripple effect of the slowdown in Alberta, Transcourt has decided to export its know-how and expertise in the trailer industry south of the border and take advantage of the stronger American economy.

Dry Bulk 2

Dry Bulk Tanker

After opening its first U.S. office in Lansing, Illinois, business has been booming for the Oakville, ON, based company, so much so down South that it is now planning on opening a second office in Houston, TX and potentially a third business center in New Orleans. Transcourt does face stiff competition in the diversification of its activities but it does look like customers in the Unites-States appreciate what the Canadian company has to offer. Modifying its business model to include more customers in the United-States does also helps counter the downfall of the Canadian currency.

Transcourt is a clear example of what Canadian companies have to do to in these tough times in Canada. There are industrial sectors that do benefit from low oil prices and a weak currency, such as the air travel industry, but most companies have to be more creative. Diversification is not something that can’t be done without proper planning and analysis, especially when developing a new market in a foreign country, be it Canada’s strongest ally. Once the homework is done, the next step is to start with small steps, as Transcourt did in Illinois, and try to reach another level and open other markets in such a large country. Once oil prices rebound and the Canadian economy gets going again, Canadian companies such as Transcourt, that have found ways to prosper through difficult times, will only be stronger.

Source: Spring 2016, Western Canada Highway News





Transcourt steps into the Midwest at M-PACT 2016

PRESS RELEASE: Transcourt steps into the Midwest at M-PACT 2016

Oakville, March 29th, 2016 – The American Midwest’s energy and convenience industry event of the year took place at the Indiana Convention Center, downtown in Indianapolis and welcomed hundreds of exhibitors and visitors from March 22 to 24. Known as M-PACT 2016, the show is the largest gathering place in the Midwest for energy and convenience industry leaders. This annual event brings together more than 4,500 professionals representing the entire spectrum of today’s diverse energy and convenience supply chain. Amongst the newcomers to this year’s show was Toronto-based Transcourt Tank Leasing, one of North-America’s leading tank trailer solutions providers.

Transcourt has been hard at work in recent months making inroads in the U.S.A. market and started by opening offices in Lansing, Illinois and more recently in Houston, TX and the company plans on opening more offices soon in other strategic locations. Customers seem to appreciate the way in which Transcourt conducts its business as well as their knowledge of the tank trailer industry. Transcourt’s participation in M-PACT 2016 offered an ideal opportunity to meet with participants from Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.

Transcourt was among nearly 600 exhibitors showcasing the latest products, services and technologies. The show also featured 15 thought-provoking educational sessions presented by the industry’s most skilled trainers. “As the advertising went, M-PACT 2016 delivered participants a unique, once-a-year opportunity to propel their careers—and their businesses—forward”, explains Robert Pahanich, Transcourt’s Vice-President of Business Development in the U.S.A. “After concentrating our efforts in the South where we knew our knowledge of the oil industry would help us with many customers, we took advantage of M-PACT to further our understanding of where we should concentrate our efforts in the Midwest. Judging by the reaction of visitors, our expertise in the tank trailer field and the services we offer resulted in several very promising leads.”

Transcourt had been planning for many years to enter the U.S market and when the Canadian oil industry started to decline, the company decided the time was right to foray south of the border. Starting from a centrally located office in Lansing, Illinois, Transcourt made inroads down south. The promising results prompted Robert Pahanich and his team to use M-PACT 2016 to make Transcourt’s product and services better known in the Midwest states. This certainly looks like another interesting step for Transcourt in the U.S.A. market.

About Transcourt Tank Leasing

Transcourt Tank Leasing was founded in 1997, specifically to meet the leasing and long-term rental needs of the liquid and dry bulk transport industry. Transcourt’s large fleet of tankers is available to customers across North America. A wide selection of tank trailer configurations is available to a variety of unique industry segments and includes stainless and aluminum tankers, propane btrains and tridems, crude oil and condensate tankers as well as dry bulk trailers.



Robert Pahanich is seen here with Randy Arlt, of Polar.


showcased products at M-PACT 2016.


showcased products at M-PACT 2016.


showcased products at M-PACT 2016.


Robert Pahanich was happy to meet with John Cooper of Westmor at M-PACT 2016 in Indianapolis.

Source: Vianna Murday

Transcourt Tank Leasing


Outlook on Fuel Pricing for 2016

Gasoline markets are complex, and having a price forecast as a general guide is important for the trucking industry. GasBuddy specializes in providing these forecasts via an independent analysis.

It’s important to note that they are strictly forecasts and not indicative of what will happen with fuel pricing.

The forecast for average fuel pricing for 2016 is as follows:

Screenshot 2016-04-01 07.58.55The forecast indicates a peak in pricing during the spring and summer months with a decline in the fall through to December.

There are a lot of factors to watch carefully in 2016, for they could have a direct impact on the direction of gas prices. Taxes are a significant factor. Although it’s not expected that tax prices will increase during the next U.S. election year, state legislatures often weigh in on potential increases.

Gas Buddy, 2016

Important: Rotella coolant recall

Oakville, April 1, 2106 – Shell recalling Rotella coolant sold in the U.S.

Before your company trucks hit the road with valuable cargo, double-check what type of coolant you’ve been using.

Shell has announced a recall of select batches of one-gallon and 55-gallon drums of its ROTELLA Ultra ELC 50/50 Pre-diluted Antifreeze/Engine Coolant, as well as one batch of 55-gallon drums of ROTELLA Ultra ELC Antifreeze/Coolant Concentrate (B2811293U063/30SEPT15). While these coolants are not sold in Canada, they may have been purchased across the border in the U.S.


The batches being recalled were undertreated with a bitterant, an additive used in the coolant to make them unpalatable.

If the coolant in question has already been poured into your truck’s cooling system, there is no need to have it replaced. The lack of bitterant does not have an impact on the product performance, states a company press release.

Shell is asking distributors and retailers to remove the product from their inventories to return or recycle them.

What is really going on with diesel pricing?

Oakville, April 1, 2016 -Average price of fuel is cheaper in 2016 compared to 2015

Do you fuel your trucks with Diesel?


The average price of diesel fuel in the U.S. has remained mainly flat for the last week after experiencing increases for the last month, according to the latest Energy Department numbers.

On-highway diesel fuel has increased by 0.2 cents last week, raising the price to $2.121 per gallon.

However, the price is actually cheaper than it was for the same week a year ago.

The average price of regular gas is roughly $2.066 per gallon, and remains cheaper than in the same week in 2015.

The ups and downs of the dry bulk business

Oakville, April 1, 2016 – The trucking industry has seen an increasing demand for dry bulk trailers, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should be adding them to your fleet just yet.

Recently, there has been a rise in the number of dry bulk being transported across the U.S.

Thanks to the natural gas boom, tons upon tons of sand needed hauling in order to enable the fracturing part of hydraulic fracturing – commonly referred to as fracking. This resulted in the increasing need for dry bulk trailers.

Jay Morfitt, director of North American Sales and Marketing for Heil Trailer International, stated the demand for such trailers increased in September 2010.

Having said that, demand created by the fracking industry has fallen as a result of natural gas prices. In fact, dry bulk demand has returned to pre-2009 levels.

While the demand created by fracking has subsided, the dry bulk industry is still experiencing a boom.

If you’re thinking about expanding into the dry bulk business, or upgrade existing equipment, it’s important to be aware of local weight restrictions and spec trailers based on what you will be hauling the most.

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