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What is the average fuel tank driver paid?

What is the average fuel tank driver paid?

A fuel tanker driver works on the road, transporting fuel from one designated pick-up point to another location.

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Fuel tank drivers can work for one specific company, or act as an independent contractor who works with multiple customers.

Drivers are often responsible for loading and unloading the fuel tankers, labeling materials and keeping a proper record, all while adhering to safety guidelines.

As a fuel tank driver, it’s essential to have experience with valves, pumps and wrenches, all tools needed to unload and load tankers.

To become a fuel tanker driver, one is required to have a Class A commercial driver’s license, proper hazmat and tanker training.

Fuel tanker drivers are often paid anywhere from $14.80 to $24.26 per hour. A fuel tanker driver’s total pay can be anywhere from $33, 019 to $71, 362.

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