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What Drives you to drive a Truck?

What Drives you to drive a Truck?

What Drives You in Trucking?

Bison Transport launched on Jan. 1 its “What Drives You” social media campaign, which aims to promote the variety of reasons drivers and other industry professionals do what they do.

“Whether it’s the feeling of the open road, the opportunity to travel the continent or the importance of making it home safely to their family, each individual has a unique reason for doing what they do, and Bison wants to hear about it,” the company said in a news release.

Bison is encouraging its followers to join the conversation by sharing a photo or a status on Facebook or Twitter, using #TellBisonWhatDrivesYou

“We see this as a great opportunity for members of the trucking industry to share what keeps them moving every day,” said Lionel Johnston, corporate marketing manager at Bison. “It also provides us with a chance to learn more about our workforce and better serve them.”

As an added incentive, Bison will award a die cast model truck to one lucky participant each month of the campaign.

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What makes you drive a truck?

What makes you drive a truck?

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