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Ontario carriers should get help for natural gas.

Ontario carriers should get help for natural gas.

MISSISSAUGA, ON — Ontario’s Liberal Minister of Environment and Climate Change Glen Murray announced his government’s commitment to working with the trucking industry to create incentives which promote the use of green technologies in trucks, such as compressed natural gas.


Murray acknowledged that support would be needed for carriers looking to shift to green technologies such as natural gas, electric or hybrid trucks, citing the need to continue to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the battle against climate change, and creating an environment conducive to investment and continued economic growth in Ontario.

The Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) and its membership have said for years that tax or rebate incentives are required in order to encourage market penetration of green technology such as CNG engines.

Murray stated that creating the necessary infrastructure, and promoting incentives such as accelerated CCA rates, rebates and grants must be incorporated into policy in order to facilitate the use of green technologies and the building of terminal refueling stations in Ontario.

David Bradley, CEO of the Canadian Truck Alliance and the Ontario Trucking Association praised the event.

“Never before in the trucking industry’s history have our member’s economic goals been as aligned with society’s goals in terms of the environment, particularly with greenhouse gas emissions, than today,” he said. “There are going to be a number of challenges: infrastructure, getting people used to new ideas, pricing, all of those sorts of things. But I think today is really good example of what it’s going to take. It’s going to take partnerships. Our industry is not going to solve our problems, or reduce our carbon footprint on our own. We need to work with our suppliers, whether that’s equipment or fuels, and we need to work with legislatures. This is a challenge worth fighting. And this is a great start today.”

The station will be open to all fleets and operators of CNG vehicles, “expanding opportunities for the transportation sector in and around the GTA to go greener using a lower cost fuel, helping to make Ontario trucking businesses more competitive and sustainable,” said Emmie Leung, CEO and founder, Emterra.

Daniel Goyette, president, C.A.T. was also on hand and announced the leasing of 100 CNG trucks to show its commitment to CNG.

“You’re going to start seeing these trucks on the road as early as January,” he said. He added that C.A.T. has made arrangements with Wiscon-based CNG experts Gain to open up another CNG fuelling station just west of Montreal next month.

Officials at the opening stated that CNG trucks at the station can refuel in up to 10 minutes, making it comparable to traditional diesel truck refueling.

October 28, 2015, Ontario’s Liberal Minister of Environment and Climate Change Glen Murray

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