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Diesel as a fuel is changing: Part 1 of 3

Diesel as a fuel is changing: Part 1 of 3

Diesel-alternative For the foreseeable future diesel will remain the number one energy source for heavy commercial vehicles. Worldwide availability, a well-established infrastructure and highly developed engine technology with respect to performance and environ­mental protection make diesel the clear front-runner among fuels. Nonetheless, the diesel of the future will be different from the current product for reasons associated with environmental protection, energy costs and the security of energy supplies.

With respect to conventional fuel, Daimler Trucks as a manufacturer is strongly in favour of sulphur-free diesel fuel with the lowest possible aromatics content, such as is used in the industrialised countries. Biodiesel is increasingly being added to diesel fuel even now, and the EU has announced a target content of 5.75% by the year 2010.
Biodiesel is not only gaining in importance as an alternative fuel within the EU, but also in other regions of the world such as NAFTA. The relevant requirements and standards vary greatly from region to region, however. There are very significant differences between North America, Brazil and the EU, for example, and a stan­dar­disation process would be very desirable. The same applies to all other biofuels and alternatives.

Daimler, Ulta Leitner, 2015

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