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Increasing Fuel Efficiency in Tanker Trucks

Increasing Fuel Efficiency in Tanker Trucks

Tanker trucks are big and heavy. They do a lot of miles and because of this they use a lot of fuel. So what is being done to help make the tanker truck industry a more efficient one?

Recently a company, the Walker group, introduced the DuraPlate AeroSkirt for tank trailers. This is said to improve fuel economy at highway speeds by up to 7%. ( It is thought that this kind of improvement on fuel efficiency will be able to help the entire trucking industry. Less money spent on fuel, more profits, more money can be put back into the company and thus more technology can be discovered. It is a cycle that will lead to better tanker trucks all over the world and a more cost effective way of transporting goods.

In an attempt to increase fuel efficiency it was decided to try and make the trailers lighter. The introduction of the second generation Lean Duplex stainless steel tank allowed 700 pounds to be trimmed off the original tare weight of the trailers. “The weight savings come from being able to fabricate these second-generation Lean Duplex tanks from 12-gauge material.” ( A lighter trailer means less weight to drag and thus more fuel to be saved.

“In 2013, the tank truck industry hauled 2.48 billion tons of freight, which equaled 25.6% of all truck freight” (, This is a staggering amount and it seems clear that in order to keep the trucking industry alive more of these exciting type advancements need to take place, I am sure we are all looking forward to that., Charles Wilson, July 2010

SOURCE National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC)


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