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Better Roads for Trucking

Better Roads for Trucking

“Moving billions of dollars’ worth of freight every year, trucking hauls nearly 70% of all the country’s freight” ( However trucking is always threatened by the disrepair, congestion and neglect of the roads which it requires to complete its much need cargo.

Since 1993 the federal highway program has ceased to grow. This is a much needed aspect to a much need industry. Without the roads trucks cannot get where they have to go and in turn get the product to the consumer.

It is not just the lack of roads but “Congestion and bottlenecks on important freight corridors cost trucking more than $9.2 billion annually”  ( with “The average motorist–not truck driver–spends almost 40 hours a year stuck in traffic”. This is a staggering amount of time and wasted money for truck drivers and trucking companies alike. It means that due to the added time truck driver s will have to spend longer amounts of time on the road and in theory will cause more accidents due to fatigue.

Consumers also are affected due to time spent waiting for a product to arrive, this time spent waiting has the potential to cause massive losses to any business that might be waiting on “overnight shipping”. A problem which is sure to affect us all as it progresses.

If something isn’t done soon it can be assumed that massive losses and problems are going to occur all throughout industries. So why hasn’t something been done yet?


SOURCE, Bill Graves, May 2015


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