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Natural gas truck market growing slowly

Natural gas truck market growing slowly

The choice to use natural gas alternatively to diesel fuel in the heavy-truck segment is expected to grow, but at a slower rate than first anticipated.
According to reports from ACT Research and NG Reality Check these are their findings;

At first reported by ACT they projected faster growth for natural gas trucks, however with lower diesel pricing it has had an impact.
This doesn’t mean natural gas has not grown; it will continue to grow but at a slower pace in the next few years. Truck and transit bus was 3% in 2013 but should reach 4% in 2014.

ACT is projecting natural gas vehicles will represent 23% of Class 8 truck and bus vehicles sold by 2025. This is a large quantity that will be shared by those aware and accepting of tomorrow’s truck transportation needs with a plan to get there.
With the emissions and greenhouse gas needs and regulations in place in the coming years, Ken Vieth, ACT Research’s senior partner and GM believes achieving those needs, natural gas penetration could be much higher since natural gas is equally available, cleaner and cheaper (cost per mile) fuel than diesel.

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