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Freight transportation services index rose to all-time.

Freight transportation services index rose to all-time.

The index has increased 4.2% to 121.5 for September compared to last year at the same time.
This is the highest level since 2000 when records began.

The freight TSI (Transportation Services Index) of 0.3 percent increase from August to September, Department of Transportations said in its monthly report.

Freight for truck, water, pipeline and air has increased, but rail is unchanged, The Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) said.

Year to date, freight shipments are up 2.1% in comparison to the same period last year.
The report stated that several other indicators of related parts of the economy often impacting transportation increased. Specifically, industrial production grew 1% after several months of slow or negative growth.
Shipments and inventories by manufacturers’ have both increased. Inventories have increased 22 of 23 months reaching a historic high.

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